Drainage Problems Around Swimming Pools

by Nathan Whitaker on March 9, 2011

Prevent and minimize drainage issues

Nothing makes a drainage company more nervous than thousands of gallons of water in your backyard. While some pool owners never experience water-related problems in their yards, those who do quickly learn that pool-related drainage issues can be as costly as those around your house. With the average cost to repair damaged or cracked in-ground pools at $10,000, drainage around pools must be taken seriously.

Defining the Problem
The biggest drainage problem around pools is water seeping along outside walls and settling underneath the pool. Rain or runoff seeps into the soil and follows the path of least resistance to lower elevations. Without properly diverting this water away, it finds a path to the sides of your pool, where it can migrate and settle underneath.

Uneven moisture beneath the pool cause uneven heaving and settling of the pool. This leads to walls pulling away from one another and, eventually, cracks form. This can cause leaks from inside the pool, and vinyl lined pools can form large water bubbles under the liner.

Preventing and Minimizing Drainage Problems
Just as downspouts move water away from the foundation of your house and drains remove excess ground water, a drainage system is needed in the areas surrounding your pool. A subsurface water-control system such as French drains minimizes the amount of water that can seep to the bottom of the pool. We also recommend a sump pump system in an 8-12 foot deep pipe underneath the pool to remove collected water. Channel drains in the pool decking will divert incidental water due to splashing from the pool.

These drainage guidelines will help protect one of your largest investments and avoid costly repairs. For a consultation to address or prevent drainage problems around your pool or home, call Drainage Team for an on-site consultation.

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