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It is important to reliably protect the pool from weathering by leaves or other debris with a pool cover, especially in the fall and winter. However, a cover is also useful in the summer, when the pool is used.

After all, the cover protects against the risk of falling into the water, which can happen especially with children. It also keeps pollen and insects out of the pool. On top of that, a pool cover can prevent the water from losing heat.

Pool covers are available in many different types and designs. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages and not every variant is suitable for every pool. If you do not know the differences of pool covers, the choice can be difficult.

For this reason, this article will provide you with a lot of useful and helpful information about cover tarps. After reading, you will know enough about these products to make a good and suitable choice for your pool.

The best pool covers

AngebotBestseller No. 1
Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
  • Pool size: 24 feet
  • Cover size: 28 feet
  • Protects against sun, snow, ice and wind
  • 4 foot overlap to ensure there is no stretching or...
Bestseller No. 2
Swimline 24 Ft Round Above Ground Winter Pool Cover w/ 4'x8' Closing Air Pillow
  • Protected From Sun Damage
  • 3-4 Foot Overlap (cover size is 3-4 ft larger than pool...
  • Highly resistant to punctures, tears, chlorine stains...
  • Closing Air Pillow is 4'x 8', 9 Gauge
AngebotBestseller No. 3
Winter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover, Fits 15’ Round, Solid Blue – Includes Winch and...
  • WINTER POOL COVER – The Winter Block Winter Pool...
  • EASY TO INSTALL – This lightweight, yet durable...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - This aboveground pool winter...
  • KEEPS OUT DEBRIS – Designed to keep out debris,...
AngebotBestseller No. 4
Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover, 24-ft, 01 - Super
  • Winter pool cover to be used with traditional above...
  • Solid material will not let water pass through
  • Pool Size: 24 Foot Round - Cover Size: 28 Feet...
  • Heavy-duty 8 x 8 scrim
Bestseller No. 5
Blue Wave BWC752 Bronze 8-Year 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In Ground Pool Winter Cover,Dark Navy Blue
  • Pool size: 20 feet x 40 feet
  • Cover size: 25 feet x 45 feet
  • Number of 8 feet water tubes needed: 16
  • Protects against sun, snow, ice and wind
AngebotBestseller No. 6
INTEX Round Metal Frame Pool Cover, Blue, 15 ft
  • Easy-to-use, durable small round pool cover....
  • Drain holes at the center of the cover to prevent water...
  • Please tighten the cover so that it feels snug and...
Bestseller No. 7
24 ft Round Pool Cover | Extra Thick & Durable Above-Ground Pool Cover | Sapphire Series of Premium...
  • EXTRA THICK AND SUPER DURABLE. The key to an effective...
  • HIGHLY RESISTANT TO COLD. If you live in a place where...
AngebotBestseller No. 8
In The Swim Air Pillows Winter Pool Cover, x 4 ft
  • Air Pillow designed to be placed under your winter...
  • Creates an easier removal of built up water and debris
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge vinyl construction for all weather...
  • For larger pools multiple or larger air pillows may be...
AngebotBestseller No. 9
Intex 10-Foot Round Easy Set Pool Cover
  • Easy-to-use, durable small round pool cover
  • Lightweight material; round cover with 13-inch overhang
  • Makes a snug fit over the edge of the pool
  • Drain holes to prevent water accumulation
AngebotBestseller No. 10
In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools
  • Solid round pool cover features 8 x 8 scrim
  • Cover dimensions: 27' in diameter, to fit round pools...
  • Made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with,...
  • Includes Cable and Turnbuckle
AngebotBestseller No. 11
Winter Pool Cover Seal - for Above Ground Pools
  • Helps eliminate wind-whip which can loosen your winter...
  • Helps prevent dust, leaves or particles from getting...
  • Each roll provides 500 ft. of material that will allow...
AngebotBestseller No. 12
Rectangle Pool Cover,Pool Cover for Inflatable Pool,Rectangular Inflatable Swimming Pool Cover, 10ft...
  • 【Rectangular Pool Cover】:The rectangular pool cover...
  • 【Material】:The solar pool cover is made of...
  • 【Dustproof】:The square swimming pool cover keeps...
  • 【Insulation】:After using the swimming pool, cover...
Bestseller No. 13
Pool Leaf Net Cover- Leaf Netting for 16 x 32ft Inground and Above Ground Rectangle Pools Fine Mesh...
  • Perfect for 16 x 32ft rectangle pools: Our pool net...
  • Tighter knitting and durable: Compared with the old...
  • Multipurpose: In summer, it can protect the pool from...
  • One grommet every 40": There are 0.5-inch-diameter...

Guidebook: buying the right pool cover

If you want to buy a well-suited and satisfactory cover for your pool, then you should get enough information about it. After all, there are many ways to cover the pool.

In this section, you will get comprehensive information about the different types of pool covers, and you can find information about the buying criteria.

The types of pool covers

If you have made the decision to buy a pool cover, there are several models to choose from. We present them to you below.

  • Cover sheets
  • Walk-in pool covers
  • Electric pool covers
  • Winterized pool covers
  • Inflatable pool covers
  • Pool covers

The ideal protection is matched to the type, shape and location of the pool.

Cover foils

Covering foils can be stretched over the pool very easily and quickly. Most of the time, the installation of a pool can only be reliably protected with the help of a pool cover. The sizes of the covers are standardized, so it is no problem to find the right cover for the pool.

A cover foil provides surface protection and even insulates the pool. However, the cover type is not suitable for storms, heavy rains and harsh winters.

When buying a liner, make sure that there are small holes so that rainwater can flow through. This way the cover will not be weighed down with rainwater and this will prevent the cover from lying directly on the water.

The pool cover should be made of polyethylene (PE). This material is particularly robust and in case of some snow, this can also serve as a winter protection.

  • Material robust
  • Suitable for all types of pools
  • Inexpensive
  • Sometimes high cost
  • Attachment costly
  • Tarpaulins can only withstand winter to a limited extent

Walk-on pool cover

A walk-on pool cover often appears in the form of a pool deck. Often, this cover is made of wood and can be electrically moved as desired. In this way, the pool can be quickly opened and covered.

Depending on the pool, a pool cover can be made individually and is therefore suitable for all pool shapes. In addition, there is the possibility of having a two-part cover attached.

So the space from the pool is ideally used when not in use, and the opportunity to get a terrace also beautifies the garden image.

Even heavy snow loads defy the sturdy wooden covering. Even child safety is guaranteed with a walk-on pool cover. Even pets do not run the risk of falling into the pool and potentially drowning.

  • Material robust
  • Suitable for all types of pools
  • Inexpensive
  • Sometimes high cost
  • Attachment costly
  • Tarpaulins can only withstand winter to a limited extent

Electric pool cover

If you want a particularly uncomplicated cover, then you should choose an electric pool cover. Usually, these are a little more expensive, but for the pool, these provide excellent protection.

In general, electric pool covers can be distinguished into two types: patio covers and roller shutter covers.

Roller shutter cover

The slats resting on the water are often made of polycarbonate or PVC. Polycarbonate is more robust and provides good protection against hail. The lamellas are pulled in by a roll-up station. Depending on your preference, this device can be installed above ground or under water.

Round and oval pool covers are also possible, because the roll-up covers are custom-made.

However, it should be noted that an electric pool cover is associated with high costs. Often, only the roll-up device starts at a price of about € 1,700. With the installation and the lamellas the costs often amount to over 2,000 €.

Winterproof pool covers

Pool owners often ask for a winterproof pool cover. There are several options here to ensure proper protection during the winter months.

Depending on where you live, the cover should be snow-resistant, meaning it should be able to support a certain snow load. The same applies to UV protection. Swimming pools that only have a cover available are not guaranteed to have crystal clear water in the spring due to low UV protection.

Trapezoidal sheets are an alternative. These pool covers are characterized by high UV protection and the ability to withstand high snow loads. They are especially suitable for larger pools. Over the winter months, this pool cover must be well secured. At the edge of the pool, the straps and tension ropes must be tightened optimally.

The same applies to roll protection covers. Most often, these are made of PVC, and under them are aluminum rods, which are laid out crosswise. Because of this structure, roll protection covers can withstand a lot of weight.

Inflatable pool cover

An inflatable pool cover consists of two stable PVC foils. This is attached to the edge of the pool with stones or eyelets. Air is blown into the tarps through a valve.

When you buy an inflatable pool cover, you should pay attention to the fact that the tarps should be ordered larger, especially when securing with large stone slabs.

Any pool shape and pool size can be covered with an inflatable cover tarp. It is important to note what weight the cover tarp should support, as all inflatable pool covers are not winterized.

It is significant that the cover is firmly and properly installed and the entire pool is reliably covered.

In the summer, you can save on a solar sheet thanks to the inflatable cover. This cover also defies rain and snow, depending on the weather.

Pool enclosures

There are two types of pool enclosure: a convertible dome enclosure and a glass pool enclosure.

A convertible dome cover is only suitable for round pools. Moreover, this cover should be used only in summer, as there is no sufficient winter protection. The Cabrio Dome cover is also not recommended in stormy regions.

Convertible Dome cover is recommended when only pool water should be isolated and dirt should be kept away from the pool.

  • Insulation satisfactory
  • UV protection good
  • Good value for money
  • Not storm resistant
  • Not winter resistant
  • Suitable only for round pools

Polycarbonate roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is an alternative. It is a bit more expensive, but it guarantees optimal protection throughout the year.

The plastic is very robust and excellent for insulation. Due to the glass material and ideal insulation, the pool heats up well and no heat is lost. The pool can also be used in winter thanks to the roofing.

The enclosure can be adapted to the customer’s wishes and requirements. This means that square and equally round pools can be roofed.

  • Provides protection all year round
  • Pool use possible all year round
  • UV protection good
  • Insulation ideal
  • Operating costs significantly less
  • There are no plastic particles in the water
  • Only for swimming pools
  • Very expensive
  • Installation complex
  • “Pool look” is no longer available

Purchase criteria for pool covers

At this point, we share with you what you should look for when buying a cover. This will subsequently make it easier for you to choose the best variant for your needs from the multitude of pool covers.

  • Material
  • Weather resistance
  • Child safety


Numerous pool covers mean diverse different materials.

Basically, it should be noted that the cover has good UV protection. The same can be said about the insulation. The operating costs of the pool can only be permanently reduced by efficient material.

Experts agree that for snow and hail polycarbonate is extremely well designed due to its robustness. PEB films should be made of winter-proof tarpaulins. However, you should note that plastic particles can get into the pool water through pool covers made of plastic.

For roll-up covers, it is recommended to use as many crossbars as possible, so that the cover is stabilized and heavy loads can thus be supported.

If there are any uncertainties when ordering the cover, the larger version should always be selected. This is especially the case if the pool does not have standardized dimensions.

For rough orientation, you will find a small overview below:

  • Requirement
  • Recommended material
  • Keep out pollution
  • PVC pool cover and convertible dome cover
  • Withstand heavy load
  • Walk-on wooden deck, trapezoidal sheets, polycarbonate (double-webbed sheets or lamellas)
  • Winterproof
  • Walk-on wooden deck, pool cover made of PEB, polycarbonate (double-webbed sheets or lamellas, trapezoidal sheets), inflatable cover made of
  • PVC


Of course, how weatherproof or winterproof a pool cover should be always depends on the location of the pool.

If in your region mostly sunny weather prevails and snow or rain is rare, your pool certainly does not need extreme protection. A tarpaulin is completely sufficient for this. Special attention should be paid to UV protection.

A roll-up cover or an inflatable cover, on the other hand, is the best choice for you if it often rains in your region in the summer and snow may be present in the winter. A PVC film and likewise slats made of polycarbonate provide safe protection from rain and these can also bear some snow load.

If you are sure that a hard winter is coming and equally heavy rain and storms can occur in the summer, pool covers such as roofing or patio cover are worth considering.

Thus, it is significant that you buy a cover which are ideal for the weather conditions where you live.

Childproof cover

If you have children or animals at home, it is especially important to cover the pool.

To ensure safety, the most important thing with a pool cover is that the pool is completely covered, and the corners are not left open.

With the help of the nature of the cover, safety can also be guaranteed. Accordingly, when covering the pool, care should be taken to ensure that there are no unwanted holes in the cover. Therefore, it is advisable not to buy used covers.

In addition, it should be checked how much weight the cover can withstand. Therefore, roll-up covers and thin pool covers are not recommended, because they can not bear much weight and only a short walking is possible.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about pool covers answered.

This section provides answers to important questions that may arise regarding a pool cover.

What are the advantages of a pool cover?

The pool is primarily protected from dirt, but a cover has other advantages.

In Germany you have to expect strong weather changes within a few days. The pool should be protected from these weather conditions, otherwise you will have to clean the pool water after the rain.

However, a pool cover is not exclusively a seasonal investment. Rather, depending on its nature, it protects the pool from dirt and moisture even in winter. Leaves, branches or vermin should not be companions in your own pool.

The pool is less polluted with a cover. Thus, the water can be used longer. With the help of a pool cover, the pleasant warmth of the water is also preserved longer. A pool cover is therefore also an environmentally friendly investment.

If you choose a cover that can be walked on, your garden can also be beautified. For example, this can be done with the help of an adjustable wooden cover. The pool can then be quickly transformed into a terrace. Thus, even when not in use, the area of the pool is optimally used.

A pool cover is especially worthwhile for inflatable pools. With a cover, you then no longer need to constantly assemble and disassemble the pool in bad weather.

With a pool cover, the water stays clean longer. In the long run, this will reduce operating costs.

What shapes and sizes are pool covers offered in?

The right cover can generally be found for any pool. In most cases, the shape of the pool does not pose any restrictions.

For example, there are tarpaulins in standard sizes with a diameter of 244 to 457 centimeters. In addition, some online stores also offer custom-made products.

You do not necessarily have to buy the pool cover from the manufacturer of your pool. The only important thing is to have the same dimensions.

If you are unsure about ordering the right size of the cover, you should choose the next larger option. For an inflatable pool, for example, the protruding ends can be placed under the edge and the pool cover can be tightened with the cords.

Eight-shaped and oval pools can also be covered. However, depending on the provider, there may be a small additional charge.

When does it make sense to use a pool cover?

A pool cover has numerous advantages. Accordingly, a cover is suitable for small and large pools.

It is important to winterize the pool in time, so that the pool is not surprised by frost. Even in summer, on colder days, it is worth covering the pool. This will save cleaning effort and water.

What material is popular for a pool cover?

Certainly, the material depends on your wishes. PVC plastic is mainly used to make winter-proof pool covers. However, covers are just as often made of polyethylene (PE). Both plastics insulate the pool particularly well.

For example, there are adjustable covers made of wood. In most cases, covers are made of polycarbonate double-glazed sheets or plastic glass.

How much safety do pool covers for children offer?

One answer is quickly given: The right dimensions and proper fastening ensure a safe cover.

Of course, the safest option for children is a pool cover. However, roll-up covers and tarps also provide good protection for children.

The following tips can help you make your pool safe for children:

Tight attachment is important, especially with cover tarps. 100 percent protection is not guaranteed if the pool cover is loose on the water.

  • Read product descriptions carefully.
  • How much weight can the pool cover support?
  • Make sure the entire pool is covered.
  • Avoid tripping hazards such as grommets or cords if possible.

How much does a pool cover cost?

Of course, the price of a pool cover depends on how big your pool is and what model you want. Everything from inexpensive to very expensive is available.

Simple cover tarps are particularly inexpensive. For a round pool, which has a diameter of 305 centimeters, there are already inexpensive variants for 7.90 €. However, there is a comparable tarpaulin also for 79 €. Therefore, the price range is very large.

A mobile pool cover made of wood and measuring 1 meter x 4 meters, on the other hand, can cost as much as €4,000.

Therefore, a blanket answer can not be given, because the prices depend entirely on the pool. In addition, custom-made are certainly more expensive.

Where can you buy a pool cover?

Many manufacturers offer cover tarps. Online stores and also well-known hardware stores sell pool covers.

However, it is advisable to get advice from professionals. In particular, you should clarify special requests and custom-made products in person.

Can you build a cover yourself?

Of course you can. You can also make the pool cover yourself with the appropriate craftsmanship.

There are various forums and online tutorials for this. There you will find everything you need to know on the subject.
Nevertheless, mobile cover tarpaulins and canopies should be made by professionals to ensure maximum safety.

Why does the tarpaulin have holes?

Do not immediately panic if you discover holes in the pool cover after purchase. After all, the purpose of these small holes is to allow rainwater present on the cover to drain away when it rains. This function is useful for roll-up covers or cover tarps, because the water lying on them can simply run off and therefore the tarpaulin is not lowered.

When the tarpaulin is not in use, it is nevertheless very important to store it safely so that no cracks or larger holes occur. After all, then protection could actually no longer be guaranteed.


If you own a pool and want to protect it from pollution or heat loss, then it is recommended to purchase a pool cover.

In addition, a pool cover comes in handy, when leaving the pool for a vacation and can also provide reliable protection for the pool in the fall or winter. If you always want to find a clean and well-kept pool, then there is no way around a pool cover.

This article will introduce you to the best pool covers. In a pool covers test, these models do particularly well and convince buyers. We recommend the presented products so that you can enjoy your pool for a long time.

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