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When big and small bathing enthusiasts enjoy the warming rays of the sun in summer, a jump into the cool water of their own pool usually completes the happiness.

To ensure that both the pool and the water contained therein are not only hygienic, but also visually impeccable, regular pool and water maintenance should be carried out.

Apart from the use of chemical agents, which can affect the properties of the pool water, manual cleaning in the course of physical maintenance is indispensable.

A Bestway pool pump is a useful addition to other tools, such as a landing net, because it makes the work easier and is an efficient way to clean the pool.

Therefore, in the following sections, the operation of different filter systems and their connection will be explained to ensure optimal commissioning.

The functioning of Bestway sand filter systems

A Bestway sand filter system is primarily used to clean the water let into the pool, and this is done through some aspect. In principle, with the help of the pipe system, the pool water is directed to the appropriate filter medium, where it is cleaned and then pumped back into the pool.

In the case of Bestway sand filter systems, this process is favored by several conditions that complement each other perfectly. On the one hand, the water is cleaned mechanically using so-called quartz sand as a filter, although the use of other materials is also possible, but most manufacturers of a Bestway sand filter system often advocate this high-quality solution.

On the other hand, an oxygen-free place is created in the filter medium of that system, which provides the optimal habitat for bacteria, which in turn free the water of the pool from dirt particles.

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Connecting the Bestway sand filter system (in 10 steps)

In order for the chosen Bestway sand filter system to perform its intended function in an efficient manner, it is essential that it is connected correctly. Although there are possible additional steps due to the individual characteristics of the corresponding models, the following explanations or the activities described therein are sufficient in a large number of cases.

In order to ensure that no unforeseen and unpleasant incidents occur during the commissioning, it is essential to consult the operating instructions included in the scope of delivery with the manufacturer’s information before installing the respective Bestway sand filter system.

Step 1: Check accessories and connections

Before starting the actual installation, it is necessary to prepare the necessary accessories as well as to determine whether, and if so, which, special features need to be taken into account with regard to the existing connections.

In many cases, conventional Bestway sand filter systems have a size of 1 ½ inches in terms of the available connection options. With regard to the required components, among other things, a circulation pump with pre-filter, a filter vessel with venting, a drain plug and a pressure gauge, a mounting plate and often a six-way valve are necessary for proper installation or operation.

Step 2: Choose the right place for installation

Also, prior to installation, the ideal location for the Bestway pool pump should be chosen, which is characterized, among other things, by a substrate that has a certain smoothness, evenness and stability. Furthermore, it is essential that the position of the Bestway sand filter system can ensure access to all the control mechanisms necessary for daily operation, such as the multi-way valve.

In addition, most manufacturers recommend a distance of 1.5 meters to the corresponding pool as well as, in the case of a lower performance of the Bestway pool pump, an installation location that is not above the respective water level.

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Step 3: Attach the hoses

With a variety of Bestway pool pump supplies, the associated hoses are found inside the sand filter system. After a suitable location for the individual Bestway sand filter system has been found, the connection of the corresponding pool hoses takes place at the respective locations, whereby these are usually marked by a letter, a number or a symbol.

One should make sure in that activity that the seals are adequately attached to prevent the leakage of water, as this can affect the proper functioning of the Bestway pool pump on the one hand, and lead to potential damage to the components on the other hand.

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Step 4: Fill Bestway sand filter system with sand

In order to fill the filter sand, it is necessary to remove the lid of the Bestway sand filter system. Then, taking into account the central and vertical position of the existing tube, a high quality sand suitable for use in a Bestway pool pump, most manufacturers recommend quartz sand, among others, is filled up to the appropriate mark.

To complete this step, before placing the filter cover, you should remove the sand from the perimeter and make sure that the ring to be placed in that place is correctly positioned.

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Step 5: Power the Bestway sand filter system.

In order for the Bestway pool pump to perform adequately, it is essential to connect it to the local power supply of the house. However, this step should be performed by an experienced professional for the safety of all involved, as improper handling can not only cause damage to the Bestway sand filter system, but can also result in damage to health.

Most often, the connection to the power supply is done with the help of a ground fault circuit interrupter, which has been placed appropriately, although, set the case that this step is done yourself, in any case, do not use an extension cord.

Step 6: Fill the pre-filter with water

Due to the fact that the Bestway pool pump was not designed to run dry, it is essential to bleed the filter system. To do this, fill the pre-filter with water by turning the corresponding valve to the open position. In most cases, once the pool water has completely filled the respective pre-filter, the corresponding control valve can be turned back to a closed position.

Step 7: Use the backwash function

It often happens that the filled filter sand is not suitable for direct start-up of the Bestway pool pump due to contamination, which can occur for example in the form of dust particles, as this would result in contamination of the pool water.

Therefore, with the filter system turned off, the multi-port valve should be set to the “backwash” function, which can show a cleanup of the filtering sand as a result.

Step 8: Use the rinse function

Assuming that the individual Bestway sand filter system has the option of the so-called “rinse”, it is worthwhile to use this to further improve the result of the backwash.

Unlike this, the rinse function does not take two to three minutes, but often only about thirty seconds. You should also make sure that the position of the multiway valve is only changed when the Bestway pool pump is turned off, otherwise the components of the Bestway sand filter system may be damaged.

Step 9: Set the valve to ‘Filter’.

After the backwash or rinse is done, you can set the Bestway sand filter system to the “Filter” option in this step. As soon as the multi-way valve is in this position, the water of the pool will be directed through the respective hose system during the start-up of the Bestway pool pump and will be freed from contamination with the help of the filled sand.

Furthermore, if the Bestway sand filter system has adequate performance, this function allows the pool to be connected as well as cleaned with a pool vacuum cleaner.

Step 10: Check everything again

Due to the fact that most pool owners have to connect a Bestway pool pump once or rarely, it is easy to make minimal mistakes during installation.

In many cases, these are seals that are too loose, and therefore water leaks at these points. In principle, it is advisable to check all elements of the Bestway sand filter system for proper functioning or proper assembly before the final commissioning.

The operation of a Bestway cartridge filter system

A Bestway cartridge filter system has some similarities with a Bestway sand filter system in terms of its general purpose as well as the way of the water, because it is led through a system of hoses or pipes through a filter, which cleans it from contaminants, and then cleaned again into the respective swimming pool.

However, in the case of a Bestway cartridge filter system, the filter medium consists of paper arranged in the form of lamellas around a core made of plastic. This attachment is permeable to the water of the pool, but traps dirt particles, so that the pool water is cleaned.

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Connecting Bestway Cartridge Filter System (Instructions)

In order to properly install a Bestway cartridge filter system, the first step is to determine which connections are present, and in most cases they have dimensions of either 32 or 38 millimeters. Based on those data, either two type A adapters or two model B adapters are necessary to ensure a suitable connection.

In addition, two couplers, a strainer as well as an outlet in combination with, among other things, the actual Bestway pool pump, the corresponding cartridge, a few hose clamps, the associated hoses and matching sealing rings are necessary for a promising installation.

Once the individual location of the Bestway cartridge filter system has been selected based on the information in the respective instruction manual, which in many cases favors a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from the pool, the hoses are attached to the marked locations with the help of sealing rings and hose clamps.

Before the system can be connected to the mains by a professional, the selected filter cartridge is inserted, the pool is filled with sufficient water and the Bestway pool pump is vented through the opening of the appropriate valve. To ensure that, for example, among other things, there are no leaking areas, after the completed assembly, a check is necessary before the first start-up.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bestway filter pump connection answered

Especially when you want to install and start up a Bestway pool pump for the first time, a variety of questions can arise, moreover, this is often the case as soon as a different model is used.

With regard to uncertainties that need to be answered in great detail or that deal with rare circumstances, it often proves worthwhile to exchange information with other pool owners or professionally trained personnel. The following sections, on the other hand, deal with issues that occur in the majority of cases, and therefore require clarification.

Can a Bestway pool pump be put into operation immediately after connection?

In fact, it is possible to start a Bestway pool pump with a cartridge filter as well as a system with a sand filter immediately after proper installation, although in the case of a sand filter system, one should pay attention to where to use the backwash as well as the rinse function, if the latter is given.
Depending on the pollution of the water of the pool, an early start-up is quite advisable, but you should not bathe in the pool while the Bestway pool pump is running under any circumstances, otherwise it could damage the components of the filter system.

How long do Bestway pool pumps have to run daily?

The running time per day of a Bestway pool pump, regardless of whether it is a cartridge filter or a sand filter, is determined by numerous different factors.
An important aspect is the size of the pool, as well as the weather conditions on site. In addition, the usage behavior of the individual bathers as well as the frequency with which the cooling down in the refreshing water takes place contribute to the frequency of the required cleaning.
In general, it is advisable to operate the Bestway pool pump for about two to four hours a day, whereby the maximum running time is often set at eight hours. In order to avoid a long start-up phase of the sand or cartridge filter system, it is essential to determine the necessary power before the purchase, so that a promising cleaning of the water is guaranteed.

How to connect the Bestway Steel Pro pump?

In general, it can be said that when connecting a Bestway Steel Pro pump, the steps of the above instructions should be followed. In case of doubt about the correct installation of this model, it is advisable to consult the corresponding instruction manual with the manufacturer’s individual instructions. The letter is already enclosed with most purchases of the respective delivery.


Both a Bestway pool pump, which develops its cleaning effect with the help of sand, and a Bestway cartridge filter system are worthwhile additions to the chemical and physical pool and water care, respectively.

They not only make the work much easier, but also contribute to a hygienic and visually appealing bathing experience for young and old bathing enthusiasts. Although the connection of a Bestway pool pump can usually be carried out adequately according to the above instructions, the respective information of the individual operating instructions should be consulted in any case to ensure that a proper installation and commissioning can take place.

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