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Both Intex pools and Bestway pools are among the most sought-after above ground pools when it comes to choosing a manufacturer. Customers want to know exactly:

Intex or Bestway – which manufacturer is better?

As market leaders, both manufacturers impress with a wide range of innovative products, which also include matching pool accessories.

Intex or Bestway: Which is better?

In order to be able to compare the two manufacturers with each other, the range of products as well as the services are examined in more detail below. To find out which of the two is better, customer opinion also plays a major role.

What products do Intex and Bestway offer?

Bestway’s product range focuses on pools with and without frames in various sizes, which are supplied without or with a filter system. A complete set usually includes a cover and ladder for easy entry and exit. Pool vacuums complete the pool accessories.

Another product highlight from Bestway are inflatable whirlpools. For children, in addition to paddling pools, there are also bouncy castles, floating animals, swimming aids and water slides, among other things.

The range of water sports articles extends from surfboards to diving goggles. The versatile Bestway range is rounded off with air beds, air pumps and camping accessories.

Frame pools in many designs and sizes, inflatable pools and all kinds of accessories characterize the Intex range. Among them, the manufacturer also holds high-quality Intex hot tubs for its customers. A wide range of inflatable boats and accessories is also available.

The Intex children’s world is also varied. Inflatable child-friendly chairs are offered, as well as inflatable ships and tunnel landscapes.

Which are the best products from Intex and Bestway?

With the Intex Frame Pools and the Bestway Fast Set Pools, each of the two leading pool manufacturers has products on the market that are particularly appreciated by customers and enjoys a top customer rating. Customers like what they consider to be good value for money in both models.

The Frame Pools from Intex convinces customers with its generous space and surprisingly high stability for this size. This is ensured by a sturdy frame construction and a durable, reinforced foil.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set, 10-Feet
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The Bestway Fast Set Pools often come with filter pumps. Customers especially emphasize the easy assembly and the robust material. The pool sets itself up when you fill it with water.

Bestway 56690E Steel Pro Max 15 Ft
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Intex or Bestway services: Who offers more?

The Bestway Store online offers free shipping on orders of 50 euros or more, and promises shipping within 5 business days of confirming receipt of the order. In addition to the individual product categories, a spare parts store is also available for customers.

Questions about the order can be asked by e-mail. There is a choice of several payment methods for paying the invoice. There are links to customer service, to the general terms and conditions and to the right of withdrawal.

Whether payment in advance, by credit card, cash on delivery or by Paypal, various payment methods are also available for the online purchase of Intex products. The invoice can even be paid conveniently in installments.

The purchase on account with a payment term of 30 days is now offered. A telephone hotline provides quick support, questions about the order are also answered by mail.

The Intex online portal is certified as an online retailer with buyer protection by Trusted Shops.

Intex or Bestway experience: What customers say

Customers give both Intex and Bestway a very good overall report card in terms of the quality of their products. This is especially true of the pools in their various designs.

Customers praise the good price-performance ratio, but are also satisfied with the customer service of both manufacturers. Questions about the order are answered quickly. In their reviews, customers report consistently fast delivery times.

Which pools are better: Intex or Bestway

The pools with sturdy frame construction are called Frame Pools at Intex, and Steel Frame Pools at Bestway. Here the assembly is sometimes demanding, but the high stability ensures that the pools can be larger and accommodate several people.

The Easy Set Pools from Intex and the Fast Set Pools from Bestway are inflatable pools that score with a quick and easy assembly.

Final Word: Intex or Bestway

Whether Intex or Bestway is the better manufacturer of the two cannot be answered unequivocally in its entirety. Both are among the leading manufacturers of inflatable and pop-up garden pools.

Both Intex and Bestway offer good customer service and pleasingly fast delivery times. For payment, there is a choice of different payment methods.

From the customer’s point of view, most products from both manufacturers offer good value for money. Accordingly, the number of customers who recommend a Bestway pool and an Intex pool to others is large. In their opinion, the pools of both manufacturers offer good stability, are easy to assemble and are available in different sizes and designs.

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