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For first-time pool owners, but also for those who want to replace their pool after a few years due to wear and tear, the placement of the pool is sometimes a particular challenge.

Apart from the fact that there are different models of swimming pools, all of which can have specific characteristics that must be taken into account when placing them on site, a few difficulties often arise.

Often, when you look at your own garden pool after work is done and full of pride, the joy of being able to jump directly into the cool water is diminished as soon as wrinkles become visible in the pool liner. When it is best to remove the corresponding wrinkles and why they occur in the first place are dealt with in the following article.

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Pool wrinkles at the bottom: How does it happen?

There can be several reasons why the pool liner wrinkles, the most common being that the pool has been placed on an uneven or sloping surface.

Furthermore, the installation of the pool should always be done with at least two or even better with three people, because otherwise no optimal conditions can be achieved to keep the pool liner wrinkle-free from the beginning. A final cause, which occurs in many cases, is due to the use of the water with which the pool is subsequently filled.

On the one hand, it is important to make sure that there are no more wrinkles in the pool liner at this point, otherwise they will be difficult or impossible to remove. On the other hand, it is essential not to pour too much liquid into the pool, as this should only serve as a weighting that prevents the pool wrinkles from forming again.

Apart from reading the relevant articles on this subject, it can also be helpful to exchange information with other pool owners about their approach, as well as to consult the respective installation instructions of the manufacturer with the notes on the individual characteristics of the model at hand.

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Removing wrinkles from pool liner (instructions)

In some cases it is possible to remove pool wrinkles from the pool liner even after a certain period of time, but in principle it is more advisable to take care that as few as possible of those problematic spots occur already during the installation of the individual pool.

Apart from placing the pool on a level floor, if possible, one should make sure that at least one person smoothes the larger wrinkles inside the pool while someone else keeps the pool liner under tension from the outside.

After the pool has been filled a little with water to weigh it down, it is advisable to again smooth out the respective pool wrinkles before subsequently targeting the maximum fill level.

In the event that the pool has already been completely filled with water and pool wrinkles are still noticeable, there are still some aspects that can possibly change the situation to a positive result.

Depending on the individual model, which is present in each case, after a longer waiting period during which the pool was completely filled with pool water, the pool wrinkles may disappear.

Furthermore, it is important to know that an increased temperature can, for example, also affect the pool liner and lead to a satisfactory wrinkle-free optical image, whereby in case of doubt one should always seek contact with the respective manufacturer.

Although many pool owners experience an improvement in pool wrinkles, it will sometimes be necessary to replace the pool liner if, contrary to expectations, the disturbing condition does not change.

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Intex Pool Wrinkles: Are there any differences?

Due to the fact that every pool must be assembled in a certain way, it will certainly not be surprising if you have to pay attention to certain peculiarities of an Intex pool, the main question here being whether it is a steel-framed pool.

To prevent Intex pool wrinkles in a conventional model without a frame, after you have inflated the ring, a little water is filled in before smoothing the Intex pool wrinkles and then continue to fill it.

However, if you have a type with a steel frame, as is often the case with this manufacturer, it is essential to smooth out the Intex pool wrinkles already before the first minimal filling with pool water to weigh down the pool liner, after which you additionally carry out the steps listed above.

If you are unsure which measures must be taken to prevent the formation of Intex pool wrinkles or to eliminate the occurrence of these, it is advisable on the one hand to consult the respective operating or installation instructions and on the other hand, if possible, to ask the relevant manufacturer directly.

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When you either get your first own pool delivered or the long-awaited replacement for the old pool with the signs of wear and tear is finally there, many pool owners can hardly wait to jump into the cool water to romp extensively or enjoy relaxing hours in the water of the pool.

In order to avoid unpleasant obstacles to this pleasant experience, it is advisable to make sure that there are no pool wrinkles in the pool liner when setting up the pool. This condition can be achieved, among other things, by choosing a level surface, the help of several people and a certain physical endurance in smoothing the pool wrinkles.

In case there are still pool wrinkles in the pool liner after the pool has been completely filled with pool water, there is still a possibility that a smoothing effect will occur after a certain period of time, but this always depends on the individual characteristics of the pool.

An additional factor besides the characteristics of the materials used, which can vary depending on the manufacturer, is the prevailing temperature, as heat, for example, can also cause wrinkles in the pool liner to disappear. Once the pool wrinkles have been removed, it’s time to reward yourself with a plunge into the crystal clear pool water and enjoy the wrinkle-free pool liner.

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